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Star Space is a chain of VR sci-fi parks owned by Jiangsu Topow Holdings Group.The brand establish in 2020, with new node in the group's strategic development. Before the establishment of the brand, we had clearly planned our mission & vision everything were striving for the same ultimate goal: sustainable profitability. It has two meanings: first, we must make franchisees sustainably profitable, because only by truly making money can we live up to trust & entrustment; secondly, Star Space must be a sustainably profitable brand, only in this way we have strong development momentum & provide continuous support to franchisees. After two years of development, the first phase goal of Star Space has been successfully achieved: franchise stores cover 2,500+ entertainment venues across the country. I think this is the best answer we have submitted to everyone.

Join us and explore a better future together.

VR Star Space’ Honour
Establishment time: December 4, 2019 Con-founding Units: Tongji University, Shanghai Aerospace Information Institute, Topow VR Tech Research Institute Tech Patent: Aircraft with high safety factor, three-axisVR racing platform, six-axis VR racing platform, a crank connecting rod structure for VR dynamic experience and many other patented tech-nologies. R&D Products: Star VR UFO(5 seats), Star VR UFO(4seats), Star Racing (3+1 Axis), Star VR 360, StarWarship, Star VR Cinema, Star Battlefield, StarF1, Star Ship, Star Space Capsule, and Star VR Interactive Device, etc....
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